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Modular systems 100% integrated!

Our systems are developed based on a modular framework that guarantees the complete freedom to create custom solutions for you! Some of our systems already developed.

ITCast Systems

BoletoFácil - Itcast

System for issuing dockets for any easy way to bank, facilitating their collection. web system and compatible with smartphones.

SCL - Itcast

Milk Collection System is a solution designed for dairy cooperatives and assossiações with purpose to assist in the control of collection and delivery. Account with web and android application system.

Public Transparency - Itcast

Complete system for public transparency, in accordance with the Access to Information Act, aimed at government agencies. System includes management of public documents, laws, decrees, payroll and procurement, as well as a city news portal.

Falando com Prefeito Digital (Talking to the Digital Mayor)

Designed to bring the people to their rulers! Through our application anyone can send reports to point out a problem or improvement in the areas managed by the government. The people directly participate in helping their ruler to make decisions based on related priorities.

SGCheck - Itcast

Check System Management, designed to automate and facilitate checks control received and issued, grouping by bank accounts and easily organized through simple reports and objectives.

SGFinancial - Itcast

System of Financial Management, has financial control with consolidation of bank accounts, inventory control, billing control and sales, management employees and their activities, multi-branch integration including integrated reporting. A complete system for your business in one place!

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